3×3 basketball is the up-and-coming olympic sport, and as of the 2020 Summer Olympics, 3×3 basketball is a part of the finest sports!

In the summer 2019, Copenhagen Cannons launched a new project as a 3×3 basketball organizer, hosting Refshaleøen Summer Ball on June 22nd, together with CPH Village. With a vision of basketball being a sport you can play anywhere, we took an empty parking lot and turned it into 3 basketball courts laying the grounds for the best urban 3×3 basketball tournament in Denmark in 2019. 23 teams in 3 categories had fun together with an amazing audience, cool street food and jaw-dropping moves. 

In the aftermath of Covid-19, we decided to host an 18+ tournament only in 2020. On the brand new roof-top court in the newest part of Copenhagen, Bellakvarteret, we took 10 teams and created a party. In 28 degrees celcius, teams played 28 intense games. Together with our household DJ, DJ Surdej playing awesome summer vibes we had the most evocative 3×3 tournament in Copenhagen in 2020.

We are becoming a core part of 3×3 basketball, and there is much more to come! 

Refshaleøen Summer Ball