Frandsen Optik

Your ideal optician for all needs. Located right in the center of Copenhagen, Lise and her team offer the best service and the best brands. No customer is too complicated, here they take their time to meet your excact needs.

Karer ApS

Karer offers a broad range of industrial tools. Their unique patent system of latters for wells, is the optimal design for any construction. Karer is a part of the process from design and production to installation and maintenance. 

Picca Automation

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Join the movement

What do we do?

Copenhagen Cannons are so much more than basketball. Our vision is to create a society for young ambitious people sharing the passion for basketball and teamspirit. Being a part of Cannons means that you are a part of a community with the mission of spreading joy and happiness. Ensuring fun and games for all players and creating parties, gatherings and events for the citizens of Copenhagen, Cannons is a movement.
We are always seeking new ways to extend our network and broaden our project. With more than 45 members and a still growing vision, we need all the expertise and help we can get. Apart from the 3 teams competing in the DBBF league, we host 3×3 tournaments and create street gatherings with our partners.

How can you join?

In short: in any imaginable way. We love projects, all kinds!

  • If you have an idea of how to contribute to the youth of Copenhagen with a fun and insightful event or happening, we would love to be part of it!
  • If you want to join our strong network of sponsors and get your logo on our banners and uniforms, we are happy to discuss all ideas and possibilities.
  • If you have a crazy idea, we are your best friend!
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